Article By Katy Holliday
Thursday, September 19, 2019

Live a life of financial freedom

Financial independence brings a life of choice and freedom; you can use an investment property portfolio to get you there.

Financial freedom can offer a life of travel and exploration

What is financial freedom?

Gone are the days of accepting 12-hour days or being a slave to the desk to pay off a mortgage. With the range of investment research tools now available to us we have every opportunity to free ourselves from the chain of the salary and build a life of independent wealth. The investment property market can set you up for a life of choice.

Living and working the salaried life can certainly give you enough income to pay a home mortgage, but what about the long-term? A single property is generally not going to provide enough return to give you the financial freedom to retire early. Imagine the ability to:

  • Approach each property purchase with confidence and purpose
  • Improve your cash flow with positive gearing
  • Generate passive income from a portfolio that grows while you sleep

This is a reality for those who have built their real estate portfolios based on smart investments.

Making a smart investment

You know the basics of saving for and buying in the Australian property market. But jumping into property investment isn’t about buying the first property you see hoping it will provide the financial freedom that you desire. It’s about making smart property investment decisions for the future, starting with:

  • Planning – Set goals, then work out a strategy that will help you achieve those goals. Determine whether you want quick cash or long-term capital growth.
  • Research – Ask questions, and do your homework on the fundamentals of investing to develop your understanding. Be rigorous in analysing each location, versus buying with your emotions. After all, you are buying for return, not as a home. This will ensure you maximise your chance of returns.

By learning how to start investing in property correctly, you begin on the path to achieving your goals. You can’t have the lifestyle you want tomorrow unless you start today.