Article By Christopher Melotti
Wednesday, October 30, 2019

It’s time to stop thinking of One Sydney property market

There’s only one Sydney, but it has a lot of property markets.

When it comes to buying and selling real estate, many people look to Sydney.

It’s hardly surprising! Over the last few decades, the Sydney property market has seen some incredible growth overall and impressive rental returns, all of which has ingrained a solid reputation for being a great city to invest in. And this has also led to the assumption that the whole of Sydney is one market.

But the evidence just doesn’t support this.

There’s only one sydney, but it has a lot of property markets.

There is a lot in the media at the moment about how volatile the Sydney property market is.

And with the media talking about Sydney as one market, it’s caused that same belief in the wider community.

A single market, boom or doom story is an easier narrative
for the media to tell, so they steer it that way.

It’s easier to think of Sydney as one big collective market, where all regions go up and down in complete unison.

However, the reality is that there are so many property markets within Sydney, and each of them perform differently. While there may be some suburbs and areas in Sydney on the way down, there are many on the way up too!

Have a look at this map of Sydney.

The green suburbs indicate positive growth, and the red areas show a drop.

There’s up, there’s down – Sydney is many markets.

*September 2019 3yr Sydney Median Price Growth – House Market

As you can see, it’s not one single colour – Sydney really is a patchwork of  simultaneous ups and downs.

So, even in a time where the Sydney property market is generally considered to be slowing, it’s evident that it really is, in fact, made up of lots of different, individual markets with a lot of opportunities.

What about across regions in Sydney?

Sydney is often broken down into regions.

Recent statistics show that in Quarter 3 of 2019, Sydney’s Inner West region experienced Quarter-on-Quarter change of +6.9% and a +4% Year-On-Year change.

This is in comparison to Sydney’s Lower North Shore, with a Quarter-on-Quarter change of +1.1% and a +1.3% Year-On-Year change, whereas the Inner City had a Quarter-on-Quarter change of +1.4% and a -9.0% Year-On-Year change.

The South and South West, the Upper North Shore and Sydney’s outer west are, again, all different as well.

All of that, just in Sydney?


These are all drastically diverse statistics all from within Sydney, and they will continue to shift independently of each other for many quarters and years to come.

This means that buying real estate and selling property in Sydney can have different impacts on your investment portfolio, depending on the suburb.

So, how do you find the right parts of Sydney to get the best return?

If you have your heart set on Sydney, whether you’re looking to buy or sell an investment property, you need up-to-date and accurate data to help you make informed choices.

While it’s easy to think of Sydney as one market, real statistics and indicators based on recent data will show you otherwise, as well as help guide you towards growing a profitable investment portfolio.

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