About TUDI

Our Story

TUDI was born out of a shared frustration in the Australian property market by two entrepreneurs; Julien and Joe. In May 2016 Julien joked that he thought he could beat the property market by using data and identifying the real drivers of supply and demand. After hearing Julien’s theories, the pair decided to test them, and they devised a framework to prove their concept.

It worked.

Over the next 14 months they focused on testing the theories through developing and refining an algorithm to analyse the data. When they were confident the algorithm was regularly picking hotspots, they decided to test it retrospectively by running historical data of Australian house prices into it. The results were jaw dropping.

They tested 8 different models with Theory 1 providing a return of $2.2million on an initial investment of $1.3million in just 14 months. That’s a 64% return. Theoretical, but based on real life data. They knew they were onto something.

They then developed a virtual portfolio and they bought their first property based on a suburb recommendation out of the Theory 1 algorithm.

After proving the success of the property prediction algorithm, they set to work building a business while being accepted into the University of Wollongong’s iAccelerate program.

Their investments have seen a 56% growth. You can capitalise on these invaluable insights into the investment property market too – subscribe now.

Why the name?

In Chinese “Tu” translates to soil, earth, clay and local. “Di”, meanwhile, translates to ground, earth, field, place and land.

TUDI translates to land, soil and territory. Whilst TUDI is a technology company, the heart of what we do stems from our passions for both technology and property investment. We want to help all Australians own a piece of their own land; their place on earth. After all, as Louis Glickman so eloquently put it:

The best investment on earth is earth.